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This book is excellent. I never truly understood what Bipolar Disorder was, but I now have a better understanding and can empathize with those that suffer. The author does a brilliant job of debunking any stigma surrounding mental illness by educating and sharing personal struggles. I admire the author's bravery and vulnerability to write such a well-written book.

Charlotte R

If you, or someone you know, have Bipolar Disorder, I highly recommend reading this book! The author shares a high-level overview of his journey and offers a great deal of resources to live a healthy balanced life that is priceless! I bought this book as a parent of an adult son who was diagnosed 7 years ago with ADD, Depression and Anxiety. I witnessed manic episodes that left me speechless, helpless and wondering if he is underdiagnosed.

Jody M

Wow this was very eye opening for me. I've had several close friends who have battled bipolar issues for years and this booklet helped me help them. This is a critical tool that is easy to understand provides life changing advice and help.

Rick S

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